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Welcome to the Alzheimer's Resource Center
Knowledge Sharing Community.

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Transforming the Future of Dementia Care

» Alzheimer's Resource Center recognized by US News

US NEWS - Best Nursing Homes

» Building Learning Organizations
» Dining Scarf Pattern
» Transforming the Future of Dementia Care

Education and Training

» April Training Information: Dining with Friends and Dementia Care Specialist
» Celebrate Caregivers Week 2010

2 great ways to celebrate the "heart work" CNAs and other professionals do everyday!

Links and articles Articles/Links

Transforming the Future of Dementia Care

» 2009 Alzheimer’s disease facts and figures

Education and Training

» A Key for Unlocking Memories Music Therapy Opens a Path to the Past for Alzheimer's Patients; Creating a Personal Playlist

This is an interesting article about the use of iPods in music therapy for people with dementia.

» relationship between the flu vaccine and increased risk of Alzheimer's disease
» The Age of Alzheimer's

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Transforming the Future of Dementia Care

Did you share what you learned with your team?
What have you been thinking about since we were together?
What more would you like to learn?


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Dining with FriendsTM

Transforming the Future of Dementia Care

Resource Center Recognized by US News

Education and Training

Celebrate Caregivers

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