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Transforming the Future of Dementia Care

» 2009 Alzheimer’s disease facts and figures
» AAHSA-web site of links to articles on leadership including Michele hollerans
» Teepa's latest article
» the Alzheimer’s reading room---link to the TYM test, but it is also a blog area

Education and Training

» FDA Approves Generic Aricept
» 2009 Alzheimer’s Disease
» 2010 Alzheimers Disease Facts and Figures

This new report gives the most up today facts about Alzheimers disease and its impact on Americans.

» A Key for Unlocking Memories Music Therapy Opens a Path to the Past for Alzheimer's Patients; Creating a Personal Playlist

This is an interesting article about the use of iPods in music therapy for people with dementia.

» Alzheimer Disease in Individuals with Down Syndrome

This is an excellent article that includes a functional assessment tool, medication choices and other special concerns.

» Alzheimer's Disease: Unraveling the Mystery
» Alzheimer's Lesions Found In The Retina
» Alzheimer's plaques 'big impact'
» Arts allow Alzheimer's patients to live in the moment
» Communication and Dementia-great article
» Culture Change Toolkit
» FAST Stages of Alzheimers Tool
» Guidelines for services for Down's syndrome and dementia
» Hospitalization Happens: A Guide to Hospital Visits for Individuals with Memory Loss
» Learning Alzheimer’s risk may do no harm
» Natural Compound In Extra-Virgin Olive Oil May Help Prevent, Treat Alzheimer's
» New Alzheimerâs disease information network
» New Findings About Brain Proteins Suggest Possible Way To Fight Alzheimer's
» New Piece In Alzheimer's Puzzle
» New Piece In Alzheimer's Puzzle
» Of Love and Alzheimer's
» Pain Assessment in Advanced Dementia (PAINAD) Scale
» Plaques, Tangles in Brain Don't Always Lead to Alzheimer's
» relationship between the flu vaccine and increased risk of Alzheimer's disease
» Researchers Find Several More Genetic Risk Factors For Alzheimer's Disease
» Scientists make strides toward defining genetic signature of Alzheimer's disease
» Sharing Knowledge
» Sleep Loss Linked To Increase In Alzheimer's Plaques
» The Age of Alzheimer's
» The Art of Dementia Care
» The Memory Survey
» The Songs They Can’t Forget
» Tips for Keeping the Brain Sharp
» Two cardiovascular proteins pose a double whammy in Alzheimer's
» Unlocking some of Alzheimer's secrets
» Use grief over Alzheimer's loss to transform yourself
» Women with Alzheimer's more adversely affected than men