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By sharing our knowledge we provide dementia care professionals with a level of expertise and experience that will empower organizations to respond more intuitively to the changing culture of dementia care. We offer the education, enthusiasm and capabilities to achieve lasting transformation in dementia care.

Understanding Alzheimer's Disease

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Hope Begins at Home

We offer a wealth of community services for people with dementia and for the family care provider. Our experienced staff can assess your relative, and connect you with our services that meet your needs including family coaching, support groups, family education programs, early memory loss groups and adult day programs. We have the knowledge, expertise and compassion you need to manage care at home for as long as it remains the safest, most appropriate setting.

Understanding Alzheimer's Disease

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We Live it With You

Our innovative approach is tailored to the progressive stages of the disease itself and is based on 20 years of research and practice caring for people at all stages of dementia. We believe stage-specific care provides our residents with the greatest opportunity for social engagement, cognitive stimulation, and a life with dignity and independence even with diminished capabilities.

Our Approach to Dementia Care

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We Live It With You...

represents our commitment to stand beside and serve people with dementia, their families and other professional caregivers. If you are a family care-provider, we understand the challenges you face and offer services to help at home or in our residential programs. If you are a professional, we can empower your organization to respond faster and more intuitively to the changing culture of dementia care. For everyone caring for someone with this disease, we offer the education, programs, services and support that can make a difference.

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