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End of Life Care

From the Adult Day Program to hospice care, our commitment to providing extraordinary care at every stage of dementia includes end-of-life care from our dementia care team who know you and your family member well. When the end of life approaches for each of our residents, we care for them as we would our own family members, with compassion and respect. They have arrived at a time when they need total care and their family needs our total support.

By this time, living wills and directives have long been in place. Beyond legal matters, we’re committed to all the details of “comfort care,” attending to spiritual needs and anticipating a myriad of preferences and wishes. Our philosophy is to make your family member as comfortable as possible by creating a calm and peaceful environment, by being attentive to pain medication and by helping your family to cope with the dying process.

We lovingly support those in our care and their families:

• The resident is in a private room;
• The Chaplain is called;
• They are carefully attended to -- if a family member isn’t with them, a staff member is with them; and,
• Soothing music is played—or the resident’s favorite music;
• There are no measures taken to prolong life.
• We understand the family’s grief and loss, and we coach them through it;
• We know the family very well, and we support them in every way; and,
• There is nothing we won’t do for the ease and comfort of the family.