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Advanced Stage Skilled Nursing Care

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Our dementia care team guides and supports you, and your family member as they progress and transition to a new stage-specific level of care. Continuous assessment by the staff ensures that residents move to a level of care that is MORE appropriate to their changing cognitive, physical, and therapeutic needs. EVERY move is a positive experience that brings the resident more comfort, more satisfaction, and less anxiety.

Advanced-Stage Skilled Nursing Care

Two residential communities on the second floor are designes for advanced stage and palliative dementia care. The staff provides compassionate and attentive care, and helps residents access and exercise their remaining capacities.

The emphasis for advanced-stage residents is to provide:

A daily physical and sensory routine that is compassionate and comforting;
The ability to passively participate in programs and daily life on the unit;
Dignified physical care that focuses on personal preferences; and,
Optimal physical and cognitive stimulation.

Programs at this stage include:

Massage therapy;
Pet therapy;
Music therapy; and,
Adaptive multi-sensory stimulation